The portion of curriculum emphasizes at our Pre-school uses the various cultivated intelligences with the various intelligences we accommodate various terminologies of performing kids creativity within various activities in which kids can learn via Puppets show, Circle time, and Role play, art & craftsmanship under the guidance of modest teachers that enhances the development in creativity & understanding.

Choice time activities

The freedom of learning provide more opportunities to perform the more creative portion freely via playing with the blocks, molding dough, playing with crayons & pencils in the phrase of Drawing, Exploring the storybooks & filling the innovations in the entire corner of the discovery room.

Focus on individual progress & development

Well-planned activities & experiences enhance the learning of children that makes the better even more better with the nourishment of deep rooted modesty of the teachers.

Hands on learning

The provided props with the colorful & playful Ideologies which is easy to access for kids & help to enhance the terms of creativity to the young Innovative minds

An integrated approach to learning

The acquisition of knowledge & skills through music, art, dance, role-play & physical pursuit equilibriums the state between indoor & outdoor ventures.

Developing sound values

The Motive behind enhancing the skills of sound values elaborates the self-esteem in kids as well as children enhance the skills of socio-emotion in which they learn to respect each other & their own self being.

Developing communication skills

Kids attain to captivate amongst various activities in which they can intellect the skills of listening others ideologies in the pursuit of being listened to acquire the expansion of creative sophistication, pre-reading qualities, Role-play & pre-writing skills.

Developing critical thinking skills

The portion of 21st century skills, critical thinking plays vital in the growing period of kids in which they can enlightened the terminology of organizing things, focusing on them with the edification of reasoning, sum up the given tasks to enhance the problem solving skills, & another insight of calculus skills.

it’s environment at the moment

The focal point is to prosper the child at their own pace of creativity or innovations.

Self development activities

Kids become more involvement through various states of creative strategies that enhances the various skills of being responsible, Compassionate & more humble for their self intellectual growth.

Developing sensitivity

Understanding the thing of supporting the values of being respectful for various cultures & abilities & grasping the skills of participating to work with compassionately with differently able children & understanding each other from all sort.