Message from the Principal

'Close your eyes my little one
Close your eyes and dream.
You can be anyone
Anyone you dream.
We will hold your little hands
You can be assured,
Be your guiding angels
And make your dreams our own'.

Within the journey towards wisdom, the first step is towards their imaginary dreams & ours towards nourishment for their own creative sorrows, The Shri Wonder years play school in Gurgaon becoming the wisdomary heritance to developing the potential fortitude in which the various accomplishments would be performed by the little enhancers.

We believe to boost the self-esteem in each & every kids for the problem solving skills as well as in the growing years of the kid it is essential to build the compassionate portion in them under the joyous way of learning via various creative manner of indoor & outdoor activities to enhance the enthusiastic environment for the warm welcome to the school every morning.

With the ace of providing the creative terms of education we prefer to explore the various passions & endeavors within kids via different factors of nurturing them by socio-emotional ability, physical Development & creative development as well as the preferred environment we provide in which a kid can enhance their exploration skills to bring children closest to the nature in which children can perform actively & enhance the phrases of learning through interactive way.

We empower the indigenous values within children in which they can spread their wings on learning to aim the gratitude sorts & becoming an inspiring human for the better future.