Infrastructure and Facilities

From the moment children walk through the gates of ‘The Shri Ram Wonder Years’ they embark on a journey of discovery. Located in the quiet lanes of Suncity, away from the noise and clutter of the city our school provides a safe and welcoming environment which gives children an opportunity to learn, play, imagine and discover themselves.

A warm and inviting interior with big corridors where the children enjoy walking on a balancing beam and passing through tunnels. Our spacious and well lit classrooms with colourful and vibrant furniture ensures that learning is fun for children. A class library stacked with age appropriate books also makes it a happy place for children to learn and explore. In the specially designed ‘Role Play Room’ children play in their enchanting world of make believe! All these activities further develop their imagination, creativity and critical thinking.

A well equipped playground for children to play and have fun. A traffic park to enjoy riding bicycles and learning traffic rules. A beautiful lively park for them to relax and be close to the nature. This physical space at TSWY supports the development of their gross motor skills.

Morning Assembly at the stage is the time to pray, sing and enact along with teachers and friends. These activities help strengthen their communication skills and enhance their confidence level.

Our well qualified, experienced and sensitized team makes every effort to ensure that the first step to the child’s education is playful, stress free, and full of smiles.