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Our curriculum is an amalgamation of the play Way Method along with Montessori and Multiple Intelligences approach. A well balanced, skill enhancing and grounded approach guides our objectives of a child friendly and engaging curriculum.

Hand on Learning.

Children learn through fun filled activities. The equipment and materials  are easy to handle and accessible to the children.

An integrated approach to learning.

Learning happens through play by linking concepts with art, music, dance, drama and physical activity. Emphasis is an a balance between indoor and outdoor activities. 

Developing communication skills.

Children learn to engage effectively with others by listening to, articulating through and ideas, widening one’s vocabulary, role -play, pre-reading and pre-writing skills.

Focus on individual progress and development.

Balanced activities and experiences are planned to enable each child to enjoy learning and better her best.

Self Development activities.


Children engage in activities related to developing values and skill that make them responsible and sensitive.

Developing sound values 

Children learn to respect and care for the environment and attention to a healthy and active body.

Developing critical thinking skills.

Children develop early numeracy and critical  thinking by sequencing size, shapes, quantities, contrast, reasoning and other pre-math skills.

Developing sensitivity.

Children are encouraged to work compassionately with children of different abilities, cultures and communities.

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