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Located in the foothills of Aravali and the quiet lanes of Suncity, our school offers a daycare facility which is a home away from home. We ensure that the children do not miss the warmth and security of their home and fulfill their social, emotional, and physiological needs. Our daycare in Gurgaon is a perfect place for parents to drop off their children and be sure that their child is in good hands.

The environment is friendly and hygienic and agrees with the needs of children. Being the best daycare in Gurgaon, we ensure the safety of children and put in their best efforts to give them a homely feeling.

A well-balanced nutritious menu has been carefully planned by a qualified nutritionist, with due emphasis on hygiene and health.

A well thought daily routine is implemented under the supervision of caring, trained and experienced facilitators that includes a structured meal time, nap time and various activities like indoor and outdoor games for fine motor and gross motor development. Admit your little ones to TSWY, the best day care in Gurgaon.

For any admission related queries or questions please mail us at:  

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+91 9810503564, +91 9818638155  

Age group: 6 months to 10 years.  
Saturday Timing: 9:00 am to 2:00 pm  

We offer five groups:-   

Group A – 2 Hours.
Group C – 6 Hours.
Group D– 8 Hours.
Group E – 10 Hours.
Extended Daycare for 1 Hour

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

TSWY - The best daycare in Gurgaon

The safety and security of toddlers matter the most to parents. Therefore, choosing the right daycare matters. These facilities make sure that your children are in safe hands and have the best time in an empathetic environment of caregivers.

Daycare does have positive implications that go far beyond a child’s day-to-day happiness. From providing parents the time and space to support and sustain their families to offering opportunities for socialization and skill development to toddlers, the benefits of daycare are numerous!

The Shri Ram Wonder Years (TSWY) comes with a commitment to giving the best care to your toddlers. Having a solid reputation for being the best daycare in Gurgaon and positive reviews from previous or current parents, TSWY offers incredible learning opportunities to your little ones.

From social skills to cognitive growth, our empathetic and caring faculty ensure maximum child growth and development. While you may be excited or even feeling anxious about sending your little bundles of joy to a daycare, TSWY eases your stress by giving the best care and upbringing to them. Our daycare in Gurgaon provides a safe and nurturing environment to toddlers with a variety of engaging activities that supports their developmental needs such as storytime, music & movement, baby signs, attentive talking, Q&A time, rocking & cuddling, arts & crafts, imaginative play, etc.

Ensure excellent early care and education programs for your children with TSWY

Excellent early education and interactive learning experience play a significant role in ensuring a holistic upbringing for your little ones. At TSWY, we build strong home-school relationships from the start. Parents and teachers support children and prepare them for future success, both in and outside the daycare.

Being one of the leading Daycare in Gurgaon, TSWY goes above and beyond to ensure children’s safety. It includes food safety practices, a well-kept and maintained play space with sets of toys, and constant supervision. You don’t have to stress about the safety and security of your little ones. Give this responsibility to TSWY!

At The Shri Ram Wonder Years Day care in Gurgaon, your little ones get the freedom to build relationships with other children in a supervised environment. Our qualified faculty support and models prosocial behavior to make a long-lasting impact on a child’s social development. At the same time, they foster altruistic traits and emotional intelligence, like empathy and compassion, throughout children’s life. This strong attachment style has significant long-term positive implications on their social and emotional well-being.

Let your children thrive at TSWY

The Shri Ram Wonder Years daycare comes with countless communication and connection opportunities. By encouraging active communication in our daycare, we allow children to make meaningful connections with others.

In our daycare, your toddlers learn a lot in terms of supporting social and emotional well-being. Providing a familiar environment where your children feel safe and comfortable will give them the confidence to practice their expressive language skills at every developmental stage.

By admitting your little ones to The Shri Ram Wonder Years, you can make sure that your children get a solid foundation of structure and stability to learn and grow. We provide them the opportunity to control their lives and stay confident in their place, the quality that makes TSWY the best day care in Gurgaon.

We believe fostering your child’s autonomy and independence at a young age is crucial to make them lead a life of a confident and capable adult. To ensure this motive, we provide them endless opportunities to strengthen their skills, making them more autonomous and independent each day.

Admit Your Little Ones To The Shri Ram Wonder Years, The Promising Day Care In Gurgaon

At The Shri Ram Wonder Years, we strive for excellence and are committed to providing an unparalleled level of quality childcare and early education to young children. We take immense pride in offering an engaging curriculum customized according to a child’s needs in a stimulating learning environment.

If you want to ensure the best care and upbringing of your little ones, admit them to The Shri Ram Wonder Years and watch them thrive in the best day care in Gurgaon. Reach out to us in case of any queries or further information.

Admissions open for Day Care 2019-20, please download Application Form, and submit duly filled form at TSWY campus.     
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Admissions to The Shri Ram Wonder Years does not guarantee admissions to The Shri Ram Schools.