Principal Image

Message from the Principal

‘Close your eyes my little one
Close your eyes and dream.
You can be anyone
Anyone you dream.
We will hold your little hands
You can be assured,
Be your guiding angels
And make your dreams our own’.
The children are taking their first step towards the journey of wisdom. We at ‘The Shri Ram Wonder Years’ aim at developing confidence and self esteem in our children which will help them to realize their full potential and equip them to tackle challenges ahead. The children will have their first school experience and special care is taken to ensure that their school days are full of joyful learning activities which develop in them a love for learning and they look forward to coming to school each morning.

We endeavor to enhance the child’s imagination and help them to discover their own potential in a unique and natural way. Our curriculum nurtures the child’s needs and interests by integrating academic, socio-emotional, physical and creative development. Our school provides opportunities for exploration and active learning through playful and interactive way.

We make sure that the right values are instilled in the children in their formative years so that they grow to become individuals who are grounded to their roots while aiming at the sky.